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Choosing Natural Creations Inc., as your health care products provider, proves that you care about your customer, as well as your bottom line. Natural Creations, Inc., operates at the highest standards, to ensure that the product you receive is of the highest quality.

Natural Creations operates according to cGMPs (current Good Manufacturing Processes) as outlined by the regulatory agencies, such as the FDA.  The HPUS, (Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States) guides the processing of our homeopathic products. Choosing a manufacturer that operates to such a high level of standards, ensures that the product line is made in a safe and controlled environment. 

Our liquid botanical line is made through the spagyric extraction process. We believe this process ensures a more “complete” extract because more of the original herb is present. As a result, our liquid botanicals have a richer flavor, stronger aroma and are a more consistent product.  This provides broader plant compounds than what you might receive from a manufacturer that chooses to use only part of the plant. 

We believe our line is the most comprehensive alternative health care line on the market today. You can trust and have complete confidence in Natural Creations, Inc., to give you a quality product line. Many of our customers, become our customers for life, we hope you will too.

Thank you for choosing Natural Creations to provide your alternative health care line & more importantly, welcome to the family!

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